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I can be your

personal Chef


Chef Alejandro Franco

I am a private Sushi Chef and Consultant with over a decade of rich culinary experience.

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Our Services


Sushi Omakase at Home

Taste, savor, and relish the chef's unique interpretation of sushi

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Sushi Chef Table Experiences

A delightful experience in your venue, yacht, or private jet

Franco and K only finals Rosaleah photog

Sushi Classes

Learn the art of sushi anywhere


Sushi Catering

Corporate or individual catering

He is the most amazing chef and the kindest, loveliest human. He not only creates incredible
sushi art but he makes you feel like
you've been friends for years"

- Elina Marchenko

  • Start or renew your sushi business.

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    1 hr

    175 US dollars
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